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Opportunity to help grow this Business

Networking Group.

   If you are interested.

          Please email.          [email protected]

Once the restrictions are ended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  If you would like to attend the Woodbridge Business Breakfast Club


Please email

         [email protected]

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Woodbridge Business

Breakfast Club

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Networking Business Breakfast Group

01473 622009        [email protected]


Glowcroft Design

01449 723 330       [email protected]


Galleon Wealth Management Limited

01472 636688        [email protected]


Smartmove UK

01473 527444         [email protected]


Complementary      www.janeclarkreflexology.co.uk

Therapies                07724746035    


Mown Down            www.mowndown.com

Gardening Services


Wolsey Mortgage    www.wolseymortgage.co.uk

07715 457771         [email protected]


Woodbridge Town   www.woodbridgetownfc.com

       Football Club   01394 385308    


Peter Berry              01394 420490

Associates               [email protected]  


Henry Rose             [email protected]

Lettings and Sales  www.henry-rose.co.uk


DreamDrains           [email protected]

07891676297          www.dreamdrains.co.uk


                               St Elizabeth Hospice

01473  723600        www.stelizabethhospice.org


07971 519729          [email protected]

Aerial Images           www.birdsiimages.com


01787 220 799         [email protected]

JW Car Contacts Ltd  www.jwcarcontracts.co.uk


01473 830373            [email protected]  

Sackers Recycling     www.sackers.co.uk


Vision Magazine        www.visionmag.co.uk/woodbridge

01728 723305            [email protected]


01728 603216            [email protected]

07980 899153







Ivan Rattle



Colin Lane

Graphic Designer


Ray Pettitt



Simon Ashton



Jane Clark MAR



John Cocker



Steve Grimsdale

Mortgage Broker


David Miller

Commercial Manager


Peter Berry



James Cornish



Paul Jones



Corporate Fundrasing



Dave Palmer



Julian Wood



Nigel  Slinn



Will Taylor



Stephen Hart            







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To become a member of the Woodbridge Business Breakfast Club, just get in touch with Ivan

at [email protected] and he will invite you along to one of our meetings that are held fortnightly on a Tuesday.  Normally the charge for attending which includes a cooked breakfast is £10.00. After attending for around a couple of sessions you will be asked if you would like to become a member. Annual membership is £100.00 or £8.50 per month.


Meetings are held at the Seckford Golf Club, Seckford Hall Road, Woodbridge, IP13 6NT, between 7.00 and 8.30.am although further networking can continue until around 9.00 am.


Further information can be found at www.woodbridgebbc.co.uk

www.woodbridgetownf.c..com www.networkingbbg.co.uk www.glowcroftdesign.co.uk www.galleonwealth.co.uk www.smartmovesuffolk.co.uk www.janeclarkreflexology.co.uk www.mowndown.com Breakfast Club Meeting Seckford Hall Mulberry Room www.henry-rose.co.uk stelizabethhospice.org.uk www.wolseymortgage.co.uk www.dreamdrains.co.uk www.jwcarcontracts.co.uk Seckford Golf Club www.sackers.co.uk www.elementarybiz.co.uk www.birdsiimages.com www.visionmag.co.uk/woodbridge